We created AT Rating for those who believe that the Internet is essential for the customer experience at all stages of their customer journey.

The STAR rating traditionally used across industries indicates the quality of the product or service that customers can expect. But it does not answer the digital needs of today’s customers.

We felt a strong need to provide customers with an alternative way to choose the properties that answer their digital needs as these become more important to our everyday lives.

Even fifty years after the birth of the internet, no rating scale measures digital worthiness. With this in mind, we created the AT rating system.

Our professional questionnaire assesses how properties use digital and social media in the service of welcoming guests throughout their journey.

We’ve built this globally recognized system. We will continue to be committed  to the highest level of independence and transparency to give customers the information they need to choose a digital-worthy property.

A Global



The AT Rating system is part of AT Worthy Technology Inc. a leading Internet company with a global audience across the world.

AT Worthy Technology Inc is a mission-led technology company committed to leveraging the power of technology to deliver products and services. Its responsibilities include: supporting the ongoing operations of the AT Rating systems; ensuring the stability of the rating system; and establishing and enforcing the AT Rating policies.


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